Everything You Need to Know When Training Yoga to Kids

More often, we forget that our children can also experience stress and depression. Just like adults, children are forced to deal with stresses in life that include, peer pressure, distractions and more. These are the same stresses that can compromise your kid’s self-esteem, performance at school or make them feel isolated. Engaging children in yoga practice is one of the most effective ways to ensure that they grow to discover their full potentials.

Reasons your kids need to start practicing yoga at young age

  1. Concentration – If your child can’t handle distractions and stresses, it is unlikely that he or she will be able to focus on studies. By practicing yoga, they will learn several breathing techniques that will help improve their focus in class.
  2. Body awareness – Kids are born with different talents, but many of them realize their talents later in life making it hard for them to improve. By practicing yoga, your kids engage in a variety of physical activities that makes them realize what they are good at.
  3. Improve their self-esteem – One of the things that are impacting the lives of today’s kids is the lack of confidence. Low self-esteem will prevent your child from achieving many things in life even if they have the talent. Yoga will help improve your child’s confidence making it easy for him or her to deal with shyness.
  4. Stress management – As mentioned earlier, even kids experience stress and distractions that might compromise their performance at school. Yoga helps them learn a variety of awareness, breathing, powerful movements and meditation techniques that enable them to deal with anxiety and depression at school or any other place.

There is no secret that yoga will help your kid grow healthy and strong, both mentally and physically. Sadly, kids are not adults and may not realize the importance of spending quiet hours in a yoga class. If you want your children to practice yoga successfully, it is important that you make the class safe and fun for them. Here are some few tips.

How to make a yoga class fun and safe for kids

Plan a flexible lesson

Keep in mind that kids won’t be as focused as adults when they enter your yoga class. Probably, your plan may not succeed. So, don’t be too rigid. Have a routine, but be prepared to adapt to what they find interesting that day.

Figure out activities that will meet the need of each kid

Kids can’t repress their feelings as adults. More often they will arrive at your class tired and hungry. This might make it harder for you to teach. So, stay calm and always be positive. Also, try and include activities that will suit each kid’s need.

Make the class fun

Unlike adults, you can’t get too serious with children. They will enjoy the course more if it is fun. You can add things such as art, musical instruments and more. Plan a structure to follow, but remember to keep it playful so that they can enjoy.

Don’t be too hard on them

You don’t want your kids getting injured while performing poses. So, don’t push them so hard to do what you clearly see they are struggling with. Start with easier poses that will help them improve. Remember that even though they are flexible than adults, they are not as strong, so you don’t want to engage them in high-intensity workouts.

Yoga is good for everyone and kids are not exempted. Just like adults, your children need an improved focus, strength, flexibility and balance to perform better in class and other extracurricular activities. For adults, we suggest beginners yoga for fat loss. Also, engaging them in yoga is vital for their health as it will improve oxygen and blood flow in their body. But you must remember, unlike adults, kids are not entirely aware of what they will gain by practicing yoga. To them, it is just like any other fun activity. If you want your kids to continue enjoying your class, you will have to make it easy and fun for them. Also, don’t try to force them to do what they don’t like and if you see them struggling with certain poses, slow down and let them learn them step by step. Point being, you don’t want your kids hating yoga for anything. Use the tips above and see how easy teaching kids yoga is.

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